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A Little Bit About Evita & Michael

Evita Arce and Michael Jagger are International Lindy Hop performers and instructors.

As dance teachers, Michael and Evita emphasise the understanding of anatomy and efficient use of the body.  Connecting movements through flow, clearly projecting direction within the body and personal interactions are what create their lead and follow technique.  They are a joy to watch and bring fun and inspiration to their classes.

'Through teaching people how to Swing dance we began to realise how powerful and important it is to take care of each other.  Partner dancing focuses of course on the partnership and when you really boil it down to what makes us happy in life it’s connecting with others, helping others succeed and bringing joy into other’s lives.  For us, Lindy Hop and Swing dancing have given us an artistic outlet and a most incredible way of connecting with people not only through a physical dance but through inspiring conversations and hopeful stories of awaking and transformation.'

Nicely said Evita & Michael - that's why we have asked you to come!

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