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Our Approach

We believe that learning to dance is about natural movement rather than learning steps.  What we mean by natural movement is movement that comes naturally to YOU.  It's not about how we move, or how anyone else in the class moves, it's about utilising your own natural movement.   

If you're constantly thinking about where your feet should go, you probably won't be listening to the music or taking notice of what your dance partner is doing - that's far too many things to do at the same time.  So let's not think about your feet.

Most people come to swing dancing because they are drawn to swing music or they want a hobby where they can meet other people.  OK - some come because they don't have anything better to do on a Tuesday or Thursday evening granted, but if you like swing music and you like people, it's a real shame if something is stopping you reacting to what you are hearing or feeling when you are dancing.

So, using movement in a way that is comfortable to you personally is important, but so is having fun.  If you are having fun rather than worrying about whether your feet are doing the right thing, amazingly they will just get on and deal with it.  Sounds simple?  It is!  

OK, we have movement that is natural to you, and we have fun.  The other little fly in the ointment when it comes to dancing is confidence.  Don't worry, you will quickly gain confidence when you realise our approach works.  It creeps up on you without you knowing it.

Using your own natural movement, having fun and feeling confident - that's our approach.  We love it, our students love it and it works.  Who said dancing was difficult?

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